Stars and disasters in Périgord
  • Stars and disasters in Périgord
  • Stars and disasters in Périgord

Stars and disasters in Périgord


Jean-Michel Linfort

1st OPUS

Travel to a parallel dimension where the Périgord is at the heart of galactic tourism.

The story: at an undetermined period of the past and the future, the Perigord had become a great tourist destination across the galaxy.


The aliens envied his landscapes to the point of one day emerging from the cosmos with the astonishing intention of exporting them to their homes... Nothing goes as planned: the beauty of the Périgord is compromised by the climate crisis and the man who has disappeared is replaced by humanoid scarecrows... The meeting of Lambda, the only survivor of the intergalactic mission and Murmure des Blés, survivor of the ancient terroir, will upset the face of Périgord. Thanks to the triumph of artificial intelligence and the Poppy Revolution, our protagonists founded the Scarlet Périgord.

The first measures are spectacular in recreating the conditions of a new human civilization close to Nature. This is made possible by the famous meeting of Lascaux where Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon who had not seen each other since the dawn of time meet side by side. The victory against global warming is then underway: irresistible... The crooked landscapes regain their color and the light of human existence...

Once again the reconciliation of the human species, even under the aegis of an alien, and the unconditional love of Art would save the beauty and genius of the Périgord...

This is the first "ruralo-retro-futuristic" comic book in dystopian and neo-apocalyptic form set in Périgord in times as vague as they are uncertain while climate change ravages the country!

Its author, Jean-Michel Linfort, writer, painter and illustrator is better known for his paintings and essays on rurality than in the world of science fiction and comics. He immersed himself, with greedy pleasure, in the construction of a funny and serious narrative at the same time, acid and tender, full of references and winks.

Its story evokes the major current issues, from the climate crisis to the digital society, it is also an ode to the Périgord with its landscapes, its culture as well as a humanist plea for Nature.

But beware, my reader friend, several levels of reading are possible...

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Jean-Michel LINFORT
23.0 X 32.0 CM
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82 pages

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