The Périgord and the Aliens
  • The Périgord and the Aliens
  • The Périgord and the Aliens

The Périgord and the Aliens


Jean-Michel Linfort

The Périgord and the Aliens - (3rd OPUS)

Third opus of the trilogy dedicated to "back and forth to the future" "The Périgord and the Aliens" unfolds between the third and fourth millennium a fabulous story turned towards extravagant cosmic adventures.


Never science fiction scenario had staged the Périgord refugee in the intergalactic world at the game of a new planetary organization where it welcomes extraterrestrials.

Nor has any story imagined him at the forefront of space propulsion and interplanetary travel by installing him in scientific frontiers that shake up all the known laws of physics.

Finally for the first time in a high-flying album with bifurcating temporalities, the Périgord explores space-time at the same time as it confronts its known history with the existence of parallel universes.

The Périgord became the place of an extraterrestrial civilization familiar with black holes and wormholes does not fail its space legend.

Maintained by the historian-soothsayer Big-Banga and his muse Murmure des Blés, it reports the action of Enmaimetemps, the first governor ever elected of the Milky Way with the support of the famous giant eyes from elsewhere...

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Jean-Michel Linfort
23x32 cm
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74 color pages.

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