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Complete Trilogy - Jean-Michel Linfort
  • Complete Trilogy - Jean-Michel Linfort
  • Complete Trilogy - Jean-Michel Linfort
  • Complete Trilogy - Jean-Michel Linfort

Complete Trilogy - Jean-Michel Linfort


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Find over the stars and disasters in Périgord, Périgord 9th Planet and Le Périgord and the Aliens, the adventures of Big-Banga and Murmure des Blés in an interstellar journey!

Its story evokes the major current issues, from the climate crisis to the digital society, it is also an ode to the Périgord with its landscapes, its culture as well as a humanist plea for Nature.

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The author-draftsman-painter Jean-Michel Linfort testifies to a long journey devoted to the period of the Glorious Thirty through books and numerous exhibitions on the themes of the end of rurality and the artistic apogee of the Tour de France.

Less expected on his part, but just as intense, he has also developed a work as zany as visionary and futuristic in any case freed from its earthly ties.

Magnetized by the universe of stars, his gaze is not feigned so much half a century after the fact, he remained deeply marked and influenced by the memorable observation of a UFO in his youth.

He draws from his box of delusions and sails with his Boeotian passion for astrophysics on the great ocean of anything of the imagination.

We then understand better how the Périgord and its history traced between terroir and new worlds are offered in galactic adventures as improbable as they are fascinating.

Through its glimpses of the future, the path of the stars in Périgord traced by Jean-Michel Linfort, from the enigmas of the cosmos, opens up to a totally new artistic imagination.

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