A corpse in the cellar
  • A corpse in the cellar
  • A corpse in the cellar

A corpse in the cellar


Author: Nelly SANCHEZ

Never rely on class photos. Sybille Garcia knows full well that middle school students are not angels... However, she was far from suspecting that by taking charge
of the class of 3 e 4, at the college of Terrasson, she was going to teach 22 teenagers in turn suspected of murder. Indeed, which of them killed Virgil? Who resented this cynical and joking student to the point of beating him? How to explain that his body was found in Philemon's cellar, just after his little party? And who brought those caramel tarts?


For the purposes of the investigation, Sybille Garcia will assist Commissioner Victor Fontaine and Lieutenant Nicolas T. She will reveal to them the many exploits of Virgil and his comrades.
And as chance is even more prankster than Virgil, Sybille Garcia will cross the murderess of her neighbor. Here we find Colonel Eléonore Ardouin de Meignan, a new recruit of a paramilitary agency based in Buenos Aires.

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