A nurse in the garden
  • A nurse in the garden
  • A nurse in the garden

A nurse in the garden


A nurse in the garden

Nelly Sanchez

What would you do if you learned that your neighbour was found dead in an unknown garden at the other end of Perigueux? What would you do if, thanks to your daughter-in-law, you had access to the deceased's house? What else to do, since it's summer, if not investigate this murder and try to solve it? It all starts with a strange anonymous letter, found in a novel...


A blackmail letter? But why blackmail a former nurse? What did she see? Is there a link between his murder and the death of his old friend, Clothilde Ardouin de Meignan, widow of the last officer of the 5th Chasseurs à Cheval Regiment? How to explain that the son Ardouin de Meignan was found dead on the stairs of the family home?

The investigation is led by Sybille Garcia who discovers, over the course of her discoveries, the personality of her neighbor, her past and especially her friends from the Gour de l'Arche book club.

The author

Back in the Dordogne, after twenty years spent between Aude and Hérault, Nelly Sanchez mixes in this first detective novel her travel memories with her experiences as a French teacher. Until now, she was known for her surrealist collages and writings on women of letters of the Belle Epoque. After Rachilde, Colette, Georges de Peyrebrune, she has recently taken an interest in the poet Renée Vivien.

For those who really want to know, she was born in 1974 and grew up in Perigueux which serves as the backdrop for this plot.

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