The Great Moments of Périgord
  • The Great Moments of Périgord
  • The Great Moments of Périgord

The Great Moments of Périgord


Annie-Paul and Christian Félix

Preface Dominique Audrerie

Périgord, land of history... The richness of these abundant stories can be found over the millennia, from prehistory to contemporary times. Its famous "thousand and one castles" that so many visitors admire every year are all testimonies of cruel times. Very early on, the Périgordins had to face invasions and engaged in fratricidal struggles for questions of religion, succession or power. They have gone through the centuries with weapons in hand.


In 1790, the Cahiers de doléances presented the province as producing almost nothing... It was already forgetting that by their majestic Dordogne sometimes referred to as sometimes referred to as the "smile of the France", the wines of Périgord were sold as far as northern Europe!

Land of fervor as evidenced by the foundations of great abbeys and the long devotion to the Shroud of Cadouin, the Périgordins are very attached to their myths and traditions which could be understood as an inability to evolve, until Eugène Le Roy came to reinforce the conviction of the merits of a life made of simplicity and solidarity.

These are thirty milestones proposed by Annie-Paule and Christian Félix in this book, history moreover in progress because, like Josephine Baker, the inhabitants, born or adopted, do not lack great designs.

Annie-Paule and Christian Félix are the authors of about thirty books mainly devoted to the Périgord and many articles published in the press and magazines. They are members of the association Images-Lettres and the Historical and Archaeological Society of Périgord. This new book testifies to their attachment to this Périgord with which they have remained in love.

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