101 Regards du Périgord
  • 101 Regards du Périgord
  • 101 Regards du Périgord
  • 101 Regards du Périgord
  • 101 Regards du Périgord

101 Regards du Périgord


Author: Victoria MAN ESTIER

There are 101 ways to see the Périgord, it's up to you to explore them by browsing this book.

This is not a guide! It is a love book about the Périgord – the province –, the Périgord the department –, the place where I come very regularly for nearly 35 years.

French/English book


A magnificent, magical place thanks to its inhabitants of today: the Périgourdins, those of yesterday: the
Prehistoric. They left testimonies of their presence that still dazzle us.

What can we see, meet there? Pell-mell: decorated caves (the most famous, Lascaux), castles of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance (there are more than 1,500), rivers, sites, successful companies (SMEs or VSEs), living or deceased personalities, from Montaigne to Pierre Bellemare, anecdotes that plunge us into the past but illuminate our present.

There is so much to say to approach, visit, understand and love this beautiful region still
preserved, that we have made a very selective and subjective choice. Let yourself go according to the encounters, landscapes ... Do not hesitate to come back, there is so much to discover!

There is so much to tell about this beautiful region... in this book discover, visit, understand and love a preserved territory through a hundred and one tales written by Victoria.

Victoria Man-Estier is Parisian by birth, but Perigord by adoption. Sociologist, radio journalist, she has written several books alone or in collaboration: Europe est une Femme, Promenade d'une Fille et d'un Garçon à travers des siècles de Peinture européenne, éditions La Nacelle (1994), Marcelle Devaud, itinéraire exceptionnel d'une femme politique française, éditions Eulina Carvalho (1997). Paris des femmes célèbres, preface by Bertrand Delanoë, éditions du Chêne, (2011), Femmes célèbre d'Île de France preface by Jean-Paul Huchon. As well as two exhibitions Place aux Femmes at the town hall of the 18th during the centenary of International Women's Day in March 2010 and Famous Women of Périgord in 2011 for the General Council of Périgord. His latest book, I am... Joan of Arc was published by Jacques-Marie Laffont publisher in March 2016.

Victoria Man-Estier Parisian by birth, Périgourdine by adoption. Journalist and sociologist, has regularly lived between Paris and the Dordogne for the past thirty five years, becoming a specialist in the uniqueness of the Périgord. Author, or co-author of several books, with topics ranging from famous women, painting, to Jeanne d'Arc. She has also organised exhibitions portraying famous women for the centenary of International Women's Day.

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