Edition Luxe - 70 years of French ceramic expression
  • Edition Luxe - 70 years of French ceramic expression

Edition Luxe - 70 years of French ceramic expression


Official release on NOVEMBER 28, 2020

Authors: Phlippe CHAMBOST - Pascal MARZIANO - Arnaud SERPOLLET

Preface: Jean-Jacques WATTEL

This work traces a certain “revolution” in French ceramics from the immediate post-war period to the present day. With the support of unpublished archives, workshop collections and publications, the authors discuss practices around earthenware and sandstone, from the sculpted form to the turned form. While the work of color accompanies the liberation of line and form in Paris and Vallauris, sandstone is schooling at La Borne and Ratilly.

Philippe Chambost, Pascal Marziano and Arnaud Serpollet have brought together their collections and their knowledge to deal with this aspect of the decorative arts of the 20th.



Features identical to those of the bookstore version on a head print numbered from 1 to 100, the first 10 books being reserved for authors and publishers:

- Printing on Arctic Volume Ivory paper 150 grams, modern ultra matte coated paper, with a raised hand. Arctic Volume Ivory has a natural ivory hue and an ultra-matte surface; The ideal properties for optimal reading comfort.

- Book packaged in a silver canvas box

- Silver canvas cover with hot stamping

- Slicefile and bookmark

- Printed from 4 pages, autographed by the authors, including the reproduction of a tracing drawing by Pol Chambost and 3 photos of major ceramists from the 1940s to the 1950s.

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