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Domaine des Grandes Terres



The harvest begins at the Domaine des Grandes Terres, masterfully managed by Charlotte Debat-Pujol, somewhere in the Bergerac vineyards. One of the Spanish seasonal workers, Diego, catches the attention of Jacques, the cellar master, and Virginie, the owner's sister. He looks like a man who came several years ago and whom, obviously, no one wants to find here...


Shortly after, a series of disasters hit the Grandes Terres and the Spaniard was implicated. Alexandre, the young heir to the vineyard, wonders about his family's past, of which he knows practically nothing, and about this man. Is he really the one who once worked here? If so, what does he want? The life of the estate unfolds under the watchful eye of Jules, the son of the cellar master, a silent and solitary child who watches friendships, loves and resentments being formed.

At the end of this eventful harvest season, Alexandre will be faced with the decisive choice of obeying the sense of honor and propriety that has always been advocated in the family or of deciding his own life...

A former teacher, based in the Périgord Vert, Nelly Buisson started writing by mixing real stories and fiction, she is the author of several successful novels: La Maison au bout du village, Le jardin de Madeleine, L he other side of the road, Les simples de la Saint Jean, La Théière anglaise – awarded the “Coup de coeur du Conseil des Sages” prize at the Brive book fair – and Waiting for Emma, prize at the book fair of the Roche Chalais. She takes us this time into the world of wine where the past catches up with the present and disturbs the balance of a family dynasty founded on very heavy secrets...

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