Tales from the Middle Kingdom
  • Tales from the Middle Kingdom
  • Tales from the Middle Kingdom

Tales from the Middle Kingdom


Author : Pascal SERRE

Talking about Chinese poetry is a pleonasm. This strange China is three thousand years of search for perfection in all acts of life, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, Yin and Yang. Chinese poetry is too rich, too strange, too complex to be truly translated. Voice and writing are decisive and require a very long learning.

Pascal Serre was a journalist, media and communication man. Member of the Academy of Letters and Arts of Périgord, he is the author of several books on Périgord, Freemasonry, the Balkans, China or Venice. Since 2020, he has been Mayor of Chancelade (Dordogne) and Delegate Councillor for the Fight against Discrimination in Grand Périgueux.


Chinese poetry is both plural and unique, open and closed. There is irremediably in it the theme of harmony, its quest, its infinite representations. This is how I liked to write inspired by an anthology of Chinese poetry because, everything in this journey in writing corresponded to me; from the construction of history to symbolic writing.

Writing becomes a philosophy of everything, of oneself, of the other, of the world and of Human Affairs. But reading is not enough. You have to love China to dive into these strange and magical worlds with elusive messages because always in motion and universal. Well, how would Chinese poetry, with its hermeticism, be universal? Simply because it draws its energy from the universe.

There is in this literary exercise a natural evanescence and an invisible subtlety without which any literary creation is impossible. I tried to approach a humanity that supports its stories by saying that the farther you go, the less you know. This is how these seven tales were born.

Pascal Serre
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