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  • Lucien Deschamp Painter

Lucien Deschamp Painter


Champion of Charentaise rurality

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Lucien Deschamps, painter, was born in Champniers in Charente in 1906, of a father worker at the National foundry of Ruelle and a mother working in a sewing workshop. In 1922, he entered the School of Fine Arts and Natural Sciences of Professional Practices and General Technology of Toulouse. He won many prizes including the Grand Prix de Toulouse in 1927. He then enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and prepared for the Prix de Rome. Unfortunately, his project will not be retained.

Back in Charente, he settled permanently at the Logis du Quéroy, just acquired in the town of Mornac, near Angoulême. He painted there continuously until his death in 1985.


His work is so abundant that we cannot know its true extent.

Housed in the middle of the quiet and colorful landscapes of the Charente, it pays tribute to this laborious rurality where the everyday gestures of men and women appear with strength, realism and simplicity. With a great mastery of chiaroscuro, he makes us enter with delicacy and respect into their modest and bright interiors. He was of this world disappearing and will magnify, through painting, the humanity, the nobility of these peasants and craftsmen without ever sinking into cliché or miserabilism.

Three cultural associations, wanted to retain the time of thistwentieth century and give life to this heritage of the Charente, threatened with engulfment, by modernity, desertification, indifference and oblivion ...

From a retrospective exhibition in Ecuras, in September 2019, was born the idea of collecting this work. Conducted with institutions and individuals throughout the Charente and neighboring departments by a group of enthusiasts, this collection of nearly 560 paintings is the product.

The paintings of this artist have been dispersed by time, the generosity of the latter, sometimes the greed of some connoisseurs, convinced of his talent. There is therefore no claim to exhaustiveness in this book because there is no doubt that many paintings have jealously remained on the walls of some good houses.

This book, a tribute to Lucien Deschamps, picture painter from the Charente, then becomes a unique, indispensable and moving testimony.

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Collective of associations : Mémoires d'Ecuras / Rencontre Animer Conter Imagining Notre environnement (R.A.C.I.N.E.) / Tardoire Allegro
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