Neufvic - "D'aiguillon et de miel"
  • Neufvic - "D'aiguillon et de miel"
  • Neufvic - "D'aiguillon et de miel"

Neufvic - "D'aiguillon et de miel"


Co-edition: Fondation de l'Isle

Neufvic – now spelled Neuvic – is a discreet village in the Périgord, far from the turpitudes of Great History.

The little one, on the other hand, has invited herself to the castle and still makes those who venture to visit it shudder...

Two periods, three stories – murders in theseventeenth century, a scam in thetwentieth century – plunge you into the heart of these old stones which, if they could speak, would tremble with indignation at the time of testifying...

But they do not speak and you will have to rely on the memory of those who, during the vigils at the corner of the hearth, still tell these funny stories that frighten pure souls ...


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Data sheet

Drawings: Shoota
Texts: Myriam Poupard
Hardcover book 22 x 31 cm
Number of pages
36 pages