Cabin landscape: artist's country in Villembrais
  • Cabin landscape: artist's country in Villembrais
  • Cabin landscape: artist's country in Villembrais

Cabin landscape: artist's country in Villembrais


Author: Philippe Chambost

Photographs: Bernard Dupuy and Philippe Chambost

With the participation of Hervé Brunaux

Preface: Gilles A. Tiberghien

Nord of the purple Périgord, the country of hillsides and vineyards.


The scene could take place one morning in April, in the darkness of a palombière or in the hut at the bottom of the garden, a glass of Pécharmant in one hand, a slice of dried breast stuffed with foie gras in the other:

"Hey Bernard, did you see the sky?

– Hmm, yes!

– Have you seen the clouds? You've seen how they spin... The play of light and shadow?

– Hmm? Yeah, that's great! and the days are getting longer...

– Yes, the light is beautiful, isn't it? Say, wouldn't that sound like a little photo trip?


I whisper in his ear: "in the valley of the Crempse...

– ?? ...that is? There, Bernard stops chewing...

– Between Mussidan and Villamblard, twenty terminals from Bergerac. You know, when you take the RN 21 from Périgueux to Bergerac, you turn right, you pass Bourrou... There are wet meadows... hillsides, forests and then fortified houses, peasant houses, picturesque villages... Nature, Bernard!

– yes, that's nice.

– There are also huts, and then... They want to build everywhere, even photovoltaic fields! ». There, his gaze becomes darker, more pressing... He drops his chin. I whisper in his ear again:

"I want to make a book... on the huts... and the landscapes seen from the hut". And there, Bernard's face lights up, the eye becomes piercing, the ferret's eye. His wet lip shows jubilation, but not really for the foie gras breast...

Because that's how Bernard is.

Landscapes of huts: the marriage of Landscape, Architecture and Nature.

ISBN: 979-10-92474-03-9

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Philippe Chambost
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