History of Neuvic sur l'Isle
  • History of Neuvic sur l'Isle
  • History of Neuvic sur l'Isle

History of Neuvic sur l'Isle


Author: Jean-Jacques Elias

All Neuvics know Jean-Jacques Elias, more or less depending on the generation.

Many of his friends appreciate his undeniable human qualities.

He was part of all the animations of local life, even finding his place for a long time in the City Council, alongside the mayor. The latter says of him that he is a "wonderful storyteller".


You will be able to verify it by immersing yourself in these stories of Neuvic-sur-l'Isle which, we are sure, will captivate you: from the adventures of the Fayolle family from Mellet to Cadirou through the false countesses, the decrepit fortresses or the Neuvic "Capital" of the shoe ...

A book to share at the vigil in front of a good fireplace while enjoying an old alcohol or a sweet liqueur. These lines deserve to read aloud, we invite you for the happiness of your family or friends.

An ancient sage said: "He whose heart beats to the rhythm of the millstone crushing the grain, the very one who knows how to transform the grind into tasty bread, this man, my children, knows everything about the human soul and the art of sharing."

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